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8th Edition Lessons


BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

The Business of Science and Technology

This case describes the demands of the Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (BTYS&TE). It outlines the multi-skilled input required to develop a student project and discusses the central importance of brainstorming for idea generation, team skills and business knowledge. It outlines the stages of team development and the personal development benefits of competing at the Exhibition.The student is required to plan and manage a brainstorming session to generate ideas for a project to compete at the Exhibition.
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Colgate Palmolive

Project Management – a Critical Skill

This case deals with Information Technology in the business world with an emphasis on the current trend to cloud computing. It discusses the growth of the focal company, EMC, and their positioning as a global business-to-business supplier of cloud storage devices. It also discusses the relevance of cloud computing to organisations and the role of management around this technology.
The student is required to deliver a presentation advising on the school’s possible use of cloud computing.
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Cloud – Enabling IT and Business

The size and complexity of modern organisations results in a continuous requirement for projects to introduce or improve organisation structures, procedures, systems, products or services. Consequently, project management has become a critical skill in all public and private organisations and, indeed, in all walks of life. This case describes the function of project management and outlines the processes involved.The student is asked to apply project management methodology to school homework and to a local objective. Project Definition and Project Action Schedule templates are provided for use with the Colgate case.
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